Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Happiness At The Expense Of Others

I have never been the type of person to label others as "good nor evil." But, I think I am justified to say that there are certain people who hold the belief that they are above everyone else; and that, to me, is a kind of evil, in itself.

I was a very empathetic child. Apparently when I was around four to five years old, I told my parents not to kill a bug because "a bug's life is also a life". Growing up in a kind of household which had unrealistic expectations placed on me-I was taught to be selfless and think nothing of myself. That combined with my natural oversensitivity made me develop a ridiculous amount of empathy and consideration for others. It became a second-nature  to think about the consequence of every one of my actions and how it would impact others. For instance, if I vacuumed at 2pm, how would that impact my neighbours? Even in my dreams, when I was angry, if I hurt someone, I would feel the pain back. However, in order to empathise with others though, we have to put ourselves in their shoes to understand how they feel. That requires we assume that they would react or behave like us, in certain situations. The bottom line assumption is that other people are identical mirrors to ourselves, and thus they are "just" like us. But the reality is, individuals are fundamentally different. Just because we have consideration for others, does not mean they will return it

Many of the experiences in the past few years has taught me that the there are a lot of people who are careless, and simply do not have an innate sense of consideration for others. They simply don't care how you feel, unless it directly affects them. They hold this sense of entitlement; that they can do whatever they want, with complete disregard for others. The gain at the expense of others, and somehow think that it is okay. The entire mindset is just so absurd and beyond my comprehension.

North America is shaped by liberalism-our ideas of equality, fairness, and entitlement to the same rights. However, I think it is also this kind of culture that breeds a mass of entitled beings who abuses these rights, and takes the very notion of freedom and equality that we hold, for granted. There are intrastate wars going on in other parts of the world, fighting for the same freedom that these "entitled, careless people" take for granted because they've never had to experience that kind of oppression and injustice. They were born into privilege.

I am outraged at the injustices that exist today. I am outraged at the mass of "careless" creatures making messes in other people's lives and not receiving retribution for it. I am outraged that natural selection is dead, and idiots multiply at ridiculous rates.
More than anything, I seek change.

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