Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Absurdity of People

I am so tired and fed up of dealing with selfish, disgustingly inconsiderate and irresponsible people who need to seriously be shot for their invalid absurdity. More specifically, I am fed up with digustingly greedy landlords who own homes, rent them out, and yet expect the tenant to live like a mouse.

When I was looking at this house, I was told that it would be a quiet, studious place. When I moved in, I found out the soundproofing was horrid, and that I could hear people every time they walk. On my first day, the landlady was careful, so I thought you know, at least she's considerate, and careful not to make more noise than necessary and I thought I could tone out the noise with the sound of my fan. It turns out that wasn't the case. Since the landlady was generally respectful in terms of clearing space and helping me out, I thought at least she's considerate.

After I gave her the first and last month's rent, however, her entire personality changed. Suddenly, she and her husband were making loud calls in the floor below me, in the completely open, meaning I could hear everything! :D So I asked her to be careful, and she stopped. I endured about two weeks of this, and at first it was bearable but after awhile the constant footfalling on the stairs that constantly woke me up really began to get on my nerves! I kept it in for so long because I was grateful to them for helping me move, but after while I just got tired of the lack of consideration in noticing how the husband stomps like a fucking elephant when I'm sleeping but careful when his wife is!

I guess I'm taking it too personally, since it shows more about their character-that they were rude, disrespectful people or even their culture/upbringing than it is anything about me. The husband finally had it, got annoyed at me complaining and told me maybe I should find a new place.

At first  I wasn't sure what to respond, then realized that I really did not want to move again. Okay here is there thing-if you promised me a quiet place than you should follow up with it, and not get annoyed when I complain about the bloody noise since you misled me!

For god's sake, have some consideration for other people around you! Just because it is your home does not mean you can whatever you want! If that is how you want to live, you should never be sharing/renting your home at all! Instead of treating your tenant like an inconvenience for disrupting your lifestyle when they are paying you!

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