Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can Justice Exist Without Retribution?

I have this awesome, incredible housemate. Every time he walks out of his fucking room, he is LOUD as fuck that I can hear him in MY room-he slams the freaking fridge door, he slams the main fucking door! For a girl with high anxiety levels, I have to deal with this every day-every fucking time he walks out of his fucking room! It is LOUD as fuck!

He does not clean up after himself. Even when he's not home, you can see trace of his mess and his garbage in the fucking living room every single fucking day! He has zero respect for other people's property and just uses them whenever he feels like it; and downright lies about it when questioned to the point where I'm super paranoid now and hiding ALL my stuff! Every time he uses the fucking kitchen, he does not know how to turn the small mini fan on and it all goes into our room!

And when I confront him about it; he either denies that the mess is his, get annoyed when HE'S the one who wouldn't clean up after HIMSELF! Why do motherfuckrs like that exist? Every time he is home, I'm in a horrendous mood and I just wanna stab something! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! WHY CAN'T HE DIE! 5 months of toleration him has pretty much driven me up the wall and I am so numb and depressed and SO SO STRESSED! OMG e-e I wanna screeeam!

And the worse part is HOW UNFAIR this whole fucking situation is!!!! HE IS THE ONE WHO DESERVES TO FUCKING DIE!?!?!! WHYYY AM I SUFFERING FOR IT?!?! WHAT KINDA JUSTICE IS THIS?!

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